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A Millaas által tervezett meglévő és külön,egyénre szóló kreációk megrendelhetőek. Kérlek írj üzenetet,hogy egyeztethessük a részleteket!

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Telefon : +36 30 731 8253


Millaas Fashion

Elegant,dressy and classy style.
Handpainted and handmade evening and luxury street wear dresses in limited pieces.

The Young Fashiondesigner of the year 2018 – Audience award

The creations and designs of Millaas

Our haute couture creations are handmaded and on the dresses the motives are painted with freehand technic.
Order our beauties in limited pieces. Choose a dress and You could revise the skirts lenght if the lenght is too short or too long for You.
If you would like unique designer dress You could contact with the fashiondesigner of Millaas.

New Collection

Russian Princess Collection

The latest collection of Millaas the geourgeus Russian Princess collection with handpainted details.

Design Pécs Millaas Fashion 2017

Millaas Fashion